Our distribution facilities are designed and built with the exacting requirements of clinical trials as the sole focus. Every material, system, process and procedure is tailored to the needs of clinical trial supply.

The purpose built facility is an 'in house' part of our EU headquarters and permanently staffed by our team of Project and Quality Managers. Our  experienced and knowledgeable team members are hands on throughout the process, resulting in Midwinter's truly 'White Glove Service'.

With fully temperature controlled and monitored storage and the use of the most advanced and robust temperature controlled shipping methods, Midwinter ensures that all supplies are in the safest hands.

Service Focused

For every pharmaceutical company, biotech and cro there needs to be a partner that can provide expertise and insight to their clinical supply chain. Midwinter understand the need for quick and detailed responses...

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About Midwinter

Midwinter offers unrivalled experience in every aspect of clinical trials.

Recognising the opportunity to provide a scalable service, one that treats a single syringe the same way that it treats the supply of ten thousand vials of drug. We serve a broad spectrum of global partners... 

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Quality Driven

Midwinter instills the culture of Quality Management throughout the business. Top to bottom. 

Our systems and processes are validated, transparent, auditable and compliant. We are regularly audited by both the MHRA and the world's leading pharmaceutical companies...

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